LNPF Accepting Applications for Missions Scholarships

The Louisiana Nurse Practitioner Foundation (LNPF) is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for 2 Nurse Practitioners to attend a Mission trip to Guatemala in March 2019. This trip is coordinated through USA Medical Mission Network and supported by the Catholic Foundation.  We are awarding (2) $1,000 Scholarships which will cover the cost of the Mission fee of $650; the remainder can be applied to the flight costs. Applications need to be submitted by July 9, 2018. Recipients will be announced at the Primary Care Conference in September in New Orleans on Sunday at the Awards ceremony.

For more information about the mission, eligibility and the nomination process, please follow the link below for the criteria.  If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact lanpfoundation@gmail.com.

359 thoughts on “LNPF Accepting Applications for Missions Scholarships”

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