Blue Dog Raffle

Money raised from the raffle will support foundation activities which include scholarship opportunities for nurses who want to obtain a higher level of education and continuing education for nurse practitioners. Nurse Practitioners are working hard to provide healthcare to our great citizens and improve health outcomes. Nurse practitioners want the citizens of Louisiana to be healthy. The raffle will help support us in working towards this goal.

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  • Enhance Nurse Practitioner knowledge and competence
  • Improve access to educational opportunities
  • Facilitate professional growth
  • Award scholarships and grant funding
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Engage in new research opportunities to improve healthcare outcomes

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  • Promote Nurse Practitioner roles across all healthcare fields
  • Promote the improvement of health outcomes and delivery of care systems
  • Provide Nurse Practitioner resources to support advocacy efforts in healthcare
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Let's Do This Together!

The Louisiana Nurse Practitioner Foundation devotes its energy to passionately advocating for the advancement and promotion of Nurse Practitioners in roles spanning the entire spectrum of fields with healthcare.  Our focus is education, community outreach, research and grant funding.


Volunteer and make a difference...

Our newly-formed foundation is in need of individuals with the vision to lead!  Find out how you can contribute to the future of NP practice in Louisiana through volunteering.